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new album from Netanel - collection from live ceremonies

To purchase the album, at the attached link:

Excited to present to the world this work which is actually a joint work with hundreds of people. It happened when we got together to connect Heart Connections. Sing the pulsating truth in us. It happened when we sought to bring good medicine to ourselves and the world. This piece was created thanks to you. True, I fished the prayers I felt brought the spirit of power I was looking for and therefore there are only two hours of music here and not 36 hours. The main thing is that the spirit of shared singing, the living spirit that brings light to this world exists. And will continue to exist forever. I chose 10 songs each of which is a journey in itself and of course the whole album is a wider journey. I left some of the talk before the songs to allow for the intentions that came up in the moment. It is a living journey of prayer, a living journey of connection, a living journey of remembrance, a living journey of medicine to this world, a living journey of singing and beating hearts. I wish I knew the names of you all because then I would sit and give thanks for all your voices, for all who and what you are ... it's complex. So here you go. Endless thanks from my heart to you. For the sincerity, the inspiration, the power, the exposed and inspiring heart. Thank you that we walk together for the sake of life and heart Thanks to everyone who took part in each of these performances, to the producers, the sound people, the halpers, and of course the musicians friends along the way. Nimrod Nol Eyal Friedman Dror Parker Sasha Alexander

Every place and its thanks. For the performances in Switzerland ... thanks to Daniel Hunziker from Universal Sound. On production and management.

In Hungary Thank you for producing everness festival Everness In Belgium Thanks to Sofia Amavi Amavi Thanks to the sound people: Andi luchsinger Andi Luchsinger Sound: Werner Dönni • Samuel Samuel Stroobants

And finally took it all down to mastering Gal Navon

In case I forgot someone I would love to remember And again thank you for all the good we are.

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