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Netanel Goldberg is a unique international voice artist with  a tremendous, exciting and powerful vocal range.
(Counter-tenor) ranging from a connection to high and heavenly  frequencies to a penetrating and deep voice,
A ladder between heaven and earth,
spirit & body, a bridge between the ancient and the new.

Netanel is a mentor of soul singing ceremonies around the world.
A space that invites and encourages honest connection
in shared and powerful singing.
A place that allows deep and powerful connection with  what lives within us and give it expression with
our voice, heart, body & soul.

“Every song is a prayer Every prayer is a longingYearning for connection
Among all the worlds“

Netanel Grew up on classical, Jewish music.
For a family of singers and prayer leaders he sings in his mother tongue in the ancient Hebrew & English.
With each language expressing a unique quality to it.
Plus, Netanel channels languages from other worlds that express emotion without definitions and labels, Which creates a direct connection to the heart. And sweeps the people into a prayer house, a living, throbbing temple full of harmony and healing. over the years he has created a unique and mesmerizing sound signature that connects to all layers of the soul and creates direct healing to the heart.

Netanel has created alternative spaces for prayer In it for all faith and religion, women, and men from all over the world can connect - and bring powerful healing for themselves and for the world This is the power of a shared global connection.

Each such concert is a powerful, deeply touching and
transformative ceremony.
Which creates an unconditional connection between all present.
We all influence and are affected by what is created in this sacred spiral.

“We are holy 
we are here to live this life”

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