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“True to My Heart”

A three-day retreat of singing & praying with our wide-open heart

with Netanel Goldberg

We will dive deep into our sweet beloved hearts over a profound three-day journey that is one continuous ceremony—

singing the whole way home.


"The heart knows, the heart sings, the heart cries, the heart speaks, the heart is broken and torn, the heart yearns, the heart is quiet, the heart remembers, the heart shakes, the heart dances, the heart is cracked, the heart is in love, the heart is joyful, the heart is excited, the heart is exposed, the heart is whole in all its waves."

For almost 20 years

—and perhaps even since childhood—

I have been walking the way of the heart 

and singing the path of the soul’s song.


This is a space that allows for all of our different parts

(heart, voice, body, emotion, experience)

to become one honest vessel for the divine and for life itself.


We each carry our beautiful hearts throughout life,

and they carry within them our vast life experiences.

We will meet and get to know our hearts with complete

honesty, courage, authenticity, presence, and tenderness.

We will let our hearts be our guide.

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On this journey, we will sing and we will pray,

for ourselves and for the whole world.


We will allow our singing and heart’s intentions

to become a tool that guides us,

empowering us and deepening our experience of life.


Singing has the immense power to heal worlds.

It goes beyond the walls that divide, dissolving those walls

and entering straight into the core of the heart.


Like water, singing can enter the deepest places.


We will dive deep into the river of song, a place where time does not exist,

and allow that river to take us to new places, 

to those sought-after corners of the unknown.

To the divine


Music & singing

will be the tool that guides us on this sacred journey.

We will dive into the depths.

We will fly high to the heavens.


We will breathe deeply, and then even more deeply,

to deepen our experience of life, expand those experiences,

and shed our armor.


We will become witnesses to the processes/stories that we each go through on a personal level and bear witness to the hearts of others and the

waves they ride on their life journeys.


We will pray, out loud, in silence, in our hearts, and in our body.

We will allow full expression to whatever is alive in us at the present moment.

We will allow the divine to move through us and generate true transformation.


Sacred transmutation.

This is a sacred space of life.

Gentle, beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful.

This is a journey of great kindness and grace,

for both ourselves and for the entire world.


This life is one vast ocean which contains within it countless waves.

Each wave has a secret.

Each wave is a child asking to be loved.

Together we are one ship, riding the waves of life.

We often think that we are alone, struggling against these waves.

However, within us all is a deep knowing and innate remembrance.

We are actually one.

We are the waves and we are the ocean.

We are the spirit.

Some tools we will work with:

  • Authentic expression of our voice, body, and prayer.

  • Planting seeds of intention and bringing them to fruition in our lives.

  • Ceremony for releasing pain and grief.

  • Work with our ancestors.

  • Encounter with our inner child.

  • Giving and receiving recognition: to what is alive in us right now; to our individual experiences throughout life.

  • Breathwork from the “belly” of the ark.

  • Honest and intentional sharing circles (inspired by the wisdom of Native American listening circles).

  • Shedding the armor that prevents us from experiencing life to its fullest: how can we live a life of revelation and walk through this world with an open and loving heart?

  • True listening in a noisy world: how can we develop an expansive attentiveness that creates closeness?

  • Singing from the heart and with intention: how this impacts each person and the entire world.

  • Experimenting with healing intimacy: with ourselves and with those around us.

  • Authentic and releasing movement.

  • Intuitive writing: writing creates reality.

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Paper Texture

This journey is primarily individual.

We entered into this world with breath and we will exit with breath.

Between those two breaths, we undergo numerous journeys—together and alone, individual and group, personal and global.

Everything is connected to everything and everything impacts all.

We are each a mirror for the other.

We came here to learn about each other and from each other.

We are all witnesses and supporters on each other’s journeys.


One of the main tools we will work with is silence.

Silence is a space where everything exists and is present.

A sacred silence where the prayer of the heart awakens to life.

Where the heart pulses with grace.

Where the soul’s voice yearns for oneness.

 And from within it all, a fountain of sacred song flows.


* This journey is likely to touch on sensitive topics that can be overwhelming and even frightening to some of us. However, we will learn how to meet these feelings and allow them to be a gift for us—a river that cleanses us from the inside out and brings us to a safe shore. *

Who should join this journey?

  • Anyone who wants to give full expression to what is alive in them through this sacred vessel encompassing body, soul, and voice.

  • Anyone who desires to meet the divine within.

  • Anyone who wishes to honestly, authentically, and truly meet their heart and what is passing through it.

  • Anyone asking to find tranquility within and discover the silence that envelops it all.

  • Anyone seeking to together remember our power as free individuals in creating a better world—a world that is closer to the heart.

  • Anyone looking to remember the power of the group in generating prayers for healing in the world.

* No previous experience in singing or movement is necessary.

Just an honest desire to meet life and the heart that rests in us all. *


What should you bring?

  • A personal water bottle.

  • Comfortable clothing for movement.

  • A notebook and writing utensils (including colored pencils or markers) for inspiration and insights.

  • A box of tissues (or more) for the tears that will come (we will also supply tissues).

  • A comfortable pillow for extended sitting.

To book a retreat

    +972 505846497


Thanks for submitting!

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